Worship our WordPress Overlords

This blog runs on Word Press, and we are not the only ones. Just look how straightforward and easy to understand this interface is.

Crystal Clear Interface


You could not get lost if you tried. This post won’t cover the most interesting parts of Word Press like themes or plug ins. This is because once you have Word Press installed, personalizing and extending your blog is going to be standard across hosts. There is already great documentation and tutorials.

Instead let’s go over how to install a WordPress blog on your Second Seven hosted website. Before this step, you should already have 1. A URL, and 2. A Host. For this example, we are going to assume your web host provides you with a cPanel interface. Check it out:

Find Softaculous on the cPanel interface

You’ll see that each section in minimized except for “Softaculous Apps Installer,” and like it was meant to be, WordPress is the first option there, here’s what it looks like once selected.

Softaculous’ WordPress Installation Script

Don’t blink or you might miss this next instruction. Ready? It’s really important. We are going to select the option “Install Now.”

*Whew* things are really picking up here. The next step is where we go from 1 – 100, serious inquiries only beyond this point. Unless you want to suffer through great pain and stress on the next step, I recommend you be at least this cool before reading on further.

Okay so now we have sorted out the casuals, let’s continue. We see a form next. There are some very important questions on it like “username” and “password.” Make sure to save this information in your password manager. The user you are setting you right now is the “admin.” It can (but doesn’t have to be), the account you post to the blog with. As an admin, you can add and remove users from your blog. Right now, we will continue with the set up, which includes choose a theme to start with. Select “install.”

The installation can take a few moments, but not long. Once installed you log into your control panel by navigating to yourdomainname.com/wp-admin. Enjoy your WordPress blog *applause*

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